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Why choose Sempiter press fittings?

What are Sempiter press fittings?

SEMPITER fittings are press fittings which are used in sanitary water supply systems and in heating and cooling systems.

They are designed to be installed with the radial pressing technique.

This type of junction has achieved growing success due to its extreme simplicity and speed of installation, combined with perfect water-tightness even in conditions of high pressures and high temperatures.

What are the advantages of press fittings?

Hygienic safety

Each of us is exposed to various sources of pollution on a daily basis and the domestic environment does not spare us contaminations of different origins, sometimes often underestimated which can affect everyone indiscriminately or categories of people more exposed to contamination (children, the elderly, pregnant women).

The SEMPITER series implements measures to protect the health of users through a careful selection of materials and processes aimed at preventing the release of potentially dangerous substances into drinking water. Commonly used brass contains Lead, Zinc, Arsenic, substances which, due to chemical interactions, are slowly released into drinking water.

The SEMPITER series blocks the release of lead, zinc, arsenic and any substance present in the brass, inhibiting any electrolytic chemical process, forever, by aging tests performed by external laboratories, it does not degrade over time.


Installation security


The SEMPITER series foresees that the fitting LEAKS IF NOT PRESSED, this result has been specifically designed to prevent any careless errors during the installation phase which could cause additional time and costs for set-up.

Low load losses

The reduced internal surface roughness guarantees low pressure drops and prevents limescale deposits.


What is a Sempiter press fitting made of?

Compass in Stainless Steel AISI 304 DIN EN 10088-2

Subjected to a solubilisation process resistant to the aggression of cement alkalis and gypsum anhydride.

Large caliber inspection slot

Placed on the rebate in gold color to accentuate the contrast between the pipe and the fitting and facilitate the visual control of the position of the pipe before pressing.

Brass body CW617N - UNI EN 12165

With surface treatment that allows you to reach high sanitary standards.

“Zero defect” O-rings

Check yourself with rules derived from the automotive sector. Final o-ring presence check on 100% of the applied o-rings.

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