Icma S.p.A. is a leading company manufacturing all Made in Italy components for heating, cooling and sanitary systems for residential and industrial users, and providing advance system solutions. Today the company sells its products in more than 50 countries and has a Branch Office in Spain, as well as a Representative Office in Russia. Sales Agents are assigned to all the Italian regions.


1974: is founded Icma. Since then the company has always been present in the market of products for heating, air conditioning and water distribution. Icma designs and performs all processing steps internally to propose to wholesalers and distributors the best solutions for the modern systems.



Flexibility for us is to respond to customer needs quickly, efficiently and effectively. The internal structure is organized according to modern managerial criteria that are constantly improving business processes.


The quality of products Icma arises in the design phase and continues in the industrialization of the new products. All steps are verified by the company quality control that intervenes to correct abnormalities of the process that can cause a drop in the quality.

Customer care

The office staff of the technical and commercial business are trained to sift through all the demands of customers with punctuality, clarity and fairness.


Constant innovation of existing products and design of new products are the compass that guide our technical offices and research and development.

Made in Italy

The high quality of performance is confirmed by the most accurate used by ICMA in the selection of raw materials and semi-finished products that come 100% from countries belonging to the EU and almost 90% in Italy. Italy remains the country preferred reference for research of suppliers as it has a very strong industrial infrastructure and articulated for the sector in which it operates Icma.

Completeness in processes

Icma runs inside all the processing phases, namely the brass hot forging, turning, assembly, packaging, the preparation of orders. ICMA has obtained UNI EN ISO Certificate 9001.
ISO 9001